Anyone familiar with Canal Street in Manhattan or Bangkok or China or any of dozens of other locales knows that knock-offs are everywhere, including the web. Yet people persist in buying what looks to be an exact replica of the more expensive item. One of the main reasons is packaging. When the brown and orange Nike box looks exactly like the real thing, consumers mistakenly conclude that what's in the box must be real as well, a fact that has not been lost on the hustlers out there who therefore take great care in the packaging. When you get home and examine the product, however, it's another story. Though fashion brands like Louis Vuitton get all the media attention, counterfeiting is a big business as well for Duracell batteries, Lush cosmetics, Tetley tea, Renault car parts, Arsenal soccer team, Von Dutch and Ping golf clubs. Here's an amusing look at what's out there. PS: check out what they say about Von Dutch.

via Independent

photo of counterfeit perfume from Museum of Counterfeit Goods


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