Kirsten Dunst, quietly the best celebrity on social media, offered up this definitive review of syrupy bloodbath shitshow Suicide Squad on Instagram yesterday.

Her statement came in the form of a simple meme.

If you don't know (and my GOD, I hope that's not the case), this references one of KiKi's definitive roles of the late aughts, Sofia Coppola's devastating directorial debut The Virgin Suicides (based on the novel of the same name by Jeffery Eugenides).

Kirsten played the misunderstood Lux Lisbon, who's bold spirit contributed to her fanatical parents' home imprisonment of she and her three other sisters, following the suicide of the youngest Lisbon, Cecilia; you can guess how it ends.

Why not save yourself the misery of paying $15 for two hours of senseless violence, overt racism, casual misogyny and fucking heinous writing, and watch The Virgin Suicides instead?

Deal? Deal!


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