Kim Petras Brings Her 'Coconuts' to the EMAs Stage

Kim Petras Brings Her 'Coconuts' to the EMAs Stage

Following the release of "Future Starts Now" — and its French-inspired music video that sees Kim Petras dancing through the apocalypse — the German-born pop star has taken her choreography to the MTV Europe Music Awards. She's been teasing the performance online for the past few days ("all good things come in 2's") and now the clues add up, with her debuting two playful tracks — "Coconuts" and "Hit It From the Back" — off a forthcoming debut album on Republic Records.

Naturally, Petras emerged from a giant coconut on stage, which they transformed into a tropical-inspired jungle gym. "My coconuts, you can put 'em in your mouth," Petras sang on the hilarious, tongue-in-cheek cut. "My coconuts, watch 'em bounce up and down." Then, she transitioned into "Hit It From the Back," an even sexier bop that leaves out innuendos to get straight to the point: "I'ma let you hit it from the back," she repeats, grinding on dancers. "Before you break my heart."

Petras' provocative live show was intentional, putting forth a sex positive performance from a transgender artist in a country where queerness is wrongly conflated with pedophilia. Budapest, Hungary recently passed anti-LGBTQ legislation banning the legal recognition of trans citizens, outlawing gender transition and gay adoption, and prohibiting content to minors that showcases homosexuality or gender change.

"I believe in freedom of expression and I don't really believe in censorship doing anything good for people, so I'm just really excited that MTV is taking a stand against censorship and really putting diversity into the show," Petras said of the EMAs. "Music is such a powerful thing because it's supposed to break barriers and it doesn't really matter in music what gender you are, or what sexuality or what skin color you have — music is a very universal thing."

The singer will also continue breaking boundaries at this year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, where she'll become the first-ever out trans artist to perform during the annual holiday spectacle. This is just months after Petras secured the same historic marker at the 2021 Video Music Awards, bringing her bubblegum pop fantasy to life in New York City for lead single, "Future Starts Now."

As Saweetie said while introducing Petras for Sunday's EMAs, she "is the embodiment of music for all." Pre-save "Coconuts," here.

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