Kim Kardashian West is no stranger to showing off her famous figure, and it makes sense that for the launch of her new KKW Fragrance, "Body," she would use herself as her own model. She shared a series of nude photos on Instagram that come extremely close to being full frontal shots (you can find those here).

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"Body" arrives April 30 and while no details have been released yet about the scent or price, teaser image of naked busts carved into the sand hint it might have a beach-y vibe in time for summer. Considering that her last trio of perfumes netted $10 million dollars in less than 24 hours without customers being able to smell them first (they were only sold online), she's probably not too concerned with taking her time with the reveal.

Kim also revealed that the bottle will be in the shape of her body, made from a mold. It's very Jean Paul Gaultier and honestly, chic.

Image via Twitter

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