Header photo from Black Anvil's Instagram

Black Anvil, a renowned black metal band in NYC, posted this photo almost a week ago, of Mrs. Kimberly Kardashian West clad in a spiked-out Enfants Riches Déprimés leather jacket with Kill Your Idols patchwork--among others--stitched onto it.

While I will not go as far as saying I am 100% sure Kim has never even heard of Kill Your Idols before, let's just say it's possible; we're not asking her to know, either way.

Black Anvil--who is associated with the famous punk bad--clearly didn't appreciate the "homage," and called the Enfants brand "wack."

The company's lead designer, Henry Levy/Henri Alexander, a Paris-native, left a seething, and downright deranged comment on the picture, informing the metal veteran that he will "rape and exploit and pillage" punk as he see fits. Cool guy!

Black Anvil gave a classy, righteous response:

My only hope now is that Black Anvil releases a diss metal album called Know Your Place with a picture of Henri on it.

[H/T Noisey]

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