Kim Kardashian West makes a glorious appearance as part of LOVE Magazine's Advent Calendar (Day 12 edition). The video, directed by James Lima.

It begins with shots of a (presumed) child, drawing with crayons and colored pencils, packed in with a figurine of a glamorous woman; Elmer Berstein's sweeping score from To Kill A Mockingbird blares in the background.

Next, Kim, clad in a Coach fur coat and pale pink Agent Provocateur lingerie, broods in front of a green screen depicting the Aurora Borealis over a tundra landscape--all while an ambient score accompanies (which might be Burial).

Although most likely shot before Kim's robbery in Paris, and Kanye West's hospitalization, the music, mixed with the dreamy imagery, makes for a melancholy clip--eerily apt.

Watch below.

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