Kimberly Noel Kardashian West graces the cover of this month's Forbes, an issue focusing specifically on mobile moguls.

Since Kim is, in fact, a mogul and a MOBILE one at that, it's a perfect fit; her Kim Kardashian: Hollywood mobile game earned her a cool $45 million in the first year it was out.


Lady West gave a little wink to the people who still hang on to the boring, and very unfounded argument that she possesses no talent, in an Instagram showing off her remarkably YAS cover.

Queen of moguls.

Queen of mobiles.

That's actually what I say to myself every morning when I wake up; literally, I open my eyes, and stare at the ceiling and whisper, "Not bad for a girl with no talent..."


This isn't the first time Kim gave a classy FACK YOU to the uncreative haterade:

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