Photo via Instagram.

As New York Fashion Week enters the weekend it's obvious what the must-have accessory is: a small child. At the Fendi store opening on Friday, Karl Lagerfeld's sidekick/ male supermodel Brad Kroenig had his son Hudson in tow. Saturday at Alexander Wang's sensational show, superstars shared the front row with little nippers. Wang's niece Aila sat on her mother's lap next to Kim Kardashian and baby North. During the show baby North looked more interested in her little animal stickers than the rock 'n' roll goth clothes Wang sent down the runway. At one point North dropped her elephant sticker on the runway and looked noticeably unhappy until Kardashian's bodyguard retrieved the little pachyderm. Alongside KK and NW sat daddy Kanye West next to Nicki Minaj, Zoe Kravitz and Natasha Lyonne. Across the runway sat model Kristina Kruse with her adorable son August.

North with Alia Wang. Photo via Instagram.

The trend continued on Sunday at the super chic Victoria Beckham show. As the show was about to begin Mrs. Beckham's dreamboat of a husband came out to take his spot in the front row (alongside Vogue's Anna Wintour) with all four of his children, in their Sunday best, in tow. We asked the international superstar if he always coordinated the entire families looks. "We don't always have it in our minds to coordinate, " he smiled, " but somehow we always end up that way." And do they all wear David Beckham underwear? " Always!" he laughed, "What else?"

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