Kim Kardashian already proved herself quite the sunglass salesperson earlier this spring with the buzzy debut of her Carolina Lemke capsule collection. And now, she's ready to debut a new arsenal of poolside-perfect shades via her Drop 2 collection with the brand — which will be available online on July 10.

Retailing for a cool $90 each, they're designer-grade shades at a budget-friendly price point. And with two brand-new designs — which include an oversized, curvilinear "Gemini" shield and a '90s-inspired "Sand" oval frame — Kardashian's nostalgia-tinged collection is guaranteed to turn heads. Available in a variety of colors, the designs also feature neon accents and metallic finishes, making them the perfect, playful summertime accessory.

"These two shapes are perfect for summer looks, either with a big shield for a major statement or a new '90s-inspired oval for something a little more subtle," Kardashian said in a press release. "I actually brought both of these pairs with me on a recent vacation. They were amazing — they went with everything!"

And we couldn't agree more! Just look at her recent vacation snaps if you need further proof, below.

Photos courtesy of Carolina Lemke