A whole mess of celebrities are in Phoenix this weekend for the Superbowl, hitting up fancy parties, galas, and... Waffle House. After attending the 2015 NFL Honors at the Phoenix Convention Center last night, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen met up with Kanye West and current Paper cover girl Kim Kardshian at Waffle House for quite possibly the realest evening of celebrity food consumption that has ever happened. And as someone who grew up in Phoenix and became a connoisseur of shitty diners with smoking sections in high school, I can tell you, Waffle Houses in the greater metropolitan Phoenix area are very, deeply, bath-salts-of-the-earth REAL. What did Kimye and Chrissy-John eat? What did they touch? What did they smell? We may never find out. All we know is that the Brooklyn restaurant serving a Kimye-themed Valentine's Day menu better look into adding "Papa Joe's Pork Chops and Eggs" to the evening's culinary line-up. Just to keep it real. 

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