Kim Kardashian channels Audrey Hepburn and Marie Antoinette in a head-scratching new ad for Hype Energy drink. The clip first zeroes in on a close-up of her jumbo engagement ring (why not) before cutting to a shot of Kim-as-Audrey bicycling around with a bunch of Hype cans in her basket before going for a tumble. While passed out, Kim dreams that's she's Marie Antoinette in Versailles - complete with powdered wigs and pancake makeup -- while dramatic symphonic music plays in the background. The ad ends with Kim waking up from her dream before bizarrely cutting to a house music-soundtracked futuristic scene that's got Kim wearing a choppy bob, lace-up thigh high boots and an all-white look. From the design of the can to the scene at the end to Kim's short hair, the whole thing makes us think of PC Music's QT Energy drink. Maybe this is no coincidence. Could Kim secretly be behind the mysterious British kawaii-electro-pop collective? We're not saying it's possible but it's not not possible.
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