Kids From My Travels: Ryan, Simon & Axel

Jeffrey Kilmer

WHO: Ryan
AGE: 19
OCCUPATION: Culinary artist in training
HOMETOWN: Sacramento, California
FAVORITE SACRAMENTO HANG SPOT: A place known as "The Boys' House." Five of my homies live there and everyone comes over at night to play beer pong and just kick it. We got our whole lives ahead of us, why not play beer pong while we're young...?

WHO: Simon
OCCUPATION: Music = My Life
HOMETOWN: Sacramento, California
FAVORITE SACRAMENTO HANG SPOT: I would def have to say that the boardwalk is my favorite venue. From crazy hair to music, it just gets better and better. There's a huge stage with lights that make you feel like your staring at a band playing in the clouds that barely block the sun.

WHO: Axel
AGE: 18
OCCUPATION: I'm a French student studying English and I'm an au pair as well.
HOMETOWN: I was born in Paris, then I moved to the middle of France for 17 years. I've actually been living in London since the end of September.
FAVORITE LONDON HANG SPOT: In London, I'm just starting to find the clubs I like. I like going out in SoHo -- clubs like the Ghetto, Astoria 2 and Sin. But I'm still looking for other good places!

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