Kids From My Travels: NY/DC Boys Dave, Carlos and Alexander

Jeffrey Kilmer
NAME: Dave Feldman
AGE: 21
OCCUPATION: Right now I'm a journalism/creative writing major at Baruch College. I work part time as an assistant at a hair salon (attention babes: I'm straight) so I can have enough money to buy ramen noodles and Arizona ice tea. I work and live in downtown Jersey City.  I'm also the singer in a rock band called Wyldlife. People say we are a punk band but that's only because rock 'n' roll has gotten so tame nowadays. You can check us out at here and download the new EP for free at
FAVORITE NYC HANGSPOT: If I'm not working, you can usually catch me reading the Phantom Tollbooth or Treasure Island at Hamilton Park, or skateboarding mach 10 around NYC with my friends. I realize my book selection may make myself appear as though my reading level hasn't evolved past the fifth grade. So be it. I spend a good deal of my money and time at my favorite dive bar, Lucky 7s, where all of Jersey City's most gorgeous trash congregates in hopes of, well, getting lucky.
P.S. For anyone wondering, that rib tattoo is from The Chameleons UK, one of the best bands of all time.

NAME: Carlos Santolalla
AGE: 21, but I wish I was 17 again
OCCUPATION: I'm on leave from university, taking a year off to adjust myself to New York City. It has pretty much welcomed me with opened arms. I'm doing part-time modeling, impromptu DJing, 'Internet art', real life art, and work full time as cocktail waiter and being a pool boy at The Standard Hotel. Blogging about nothing is exciting too.
HOMETOWN: Many. Born in Ft Lauderdale, FL, moved to Cupertino, CA. San Francisco was my last real home town, but we just didn't really quite click.
FAVORITE NYC HANG SPOT: I've only been here for two months and so far my favorite nights are Tuesdays at Home Sweet Home and Thursdays at BEast, mainly because of the amount of free alcohol.  Sundays are always fun -- so many things to do during the day and Sway to end the night.

NAME: Alexander W.S.
AGE: 24
OCCUPATION: I'm about to start being a graduate student and I work two part time jobs to support myself and my little baby son. One job is at a popular hipster sushi spot on H Street NE called Sticky Rice and the other is tutoring middle school kids in DC Public Schools. They go crazy when I wear my sneaks in there. Its nice to finally be able to afford all those shoes I wanted growing up.
HOMETOWN: I live in Washington DC, but grew up in Norfolk, VA.  At the moment I'm sporting a Norfolk Tides hat... gotta support the local minor league team!
SHOT IN: New York City.
FAVORITE DC HANGSPOTS: If you asked me this question a year ago I'd have a much more interesting answer for you, but since my son Emerson was born I haven't had anywhere close to the time or energy I used to have to go out. So I mostly hang out at the restaurant/bar I work at after my shifts. I did make it out to this new spot on U Street, U-Street Music Hall. If you go, you've gotta order the "pho dog" from my homies Erik and Howard. Its a hidden gem of D.C.

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