Kids From My Travels: New York Boys Bryce, Jason & Julian

Jeffrey Kilmer
NAME: Bryce Hackford 
AGE: 26 
OCCUPATION: I play with a band called Behavior, mainly using my voice, guitar, synthesizers, samples and effects. We're releasing a record called Lands End at Cakeshop this Thursday night (10/7). I've also been using samples and synthesizers to make music for a production of The Tempest, which should be staged next year. I play records, too, often as 45/33 with a partner. I have a number of other musical collaborations, like pendants on a chain... 
HOMETOWN: Huntington, NY
SHOT IN: Manhattan
FAVORITE HANG SPOT: I make most of my meetings out at places like Bluebird, and other awesome coffee shops and beer bars. The expansive qualities of an exciting beverage bring us up together... Always go to record shops alone. 

NAME: Jason Chan 
AGE: 23 
OCCUPATION: Freelance writer/Powerpoint ace. Pretty exciting stuff. Thanks, art school! HOMETOWN: Omaha, NE
SHOT IN: Brooklyn
FAVORITE HANG SPOT: Legit diners (i.e. anywhere that serves burgers, pancakes, coffee, and milkshakes at all hours) AND/OR St. Mark's Bookshop -- tons of books in every genre with a great interior and pretty girls that probably read. 

NAME: Julian Gilliatt 
AGE: 19 
OCCUPATION: Student at Stern NYU studying finance and economics and work part-time at Opening Ceremony 
SHOT IN: Brooklyn
FAVORITE HANG SPOT: Saturdays in Soho -- great coffee, great people, and an awesome outside seating area. Not to mention occasional parties with free beer and live music.

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