Kids From My Travels: Nashville Kids Sam, Don, Kane & Taylor

Jeffrey Kilmer
WHO: Sam Alpren
AGE: 21
OCCUPATION: I design a clothing line called, set to launch this summer. I'm influenced by the wilderness, urban culture, necessity, desire, fashion majestics of 16th Century France, the tailored clothing of the twenties and the perfect blend of hip-hop and rock 'n' roll. Whatever your style is. Also Vitalic Noise is taking over Nashville.  Soon the South, no need to explain it, just check it out.  
FAVORITE NASHVILLE HANG SPOTS: The great thing about Nashville nightlife is that you can plan your night by your vibe. If you wanna shoot pool, darts, and chain smoke, you hit up the bars 3 Crow, The Villager or Melrose. If you wanna chill, dress up an have some cocktails hit up the lounges Patterson House, Cabana or Sambuca.  If you wanna dance and rage there's always an event going at Vitalic Noise.  If you're brave enough or feeling your Southern Side you can hit up Broadway for some honkeytonkin'.  I have to say, though, nothing beats a skate to Centennial Park and just kickin' it with your homies.

WHO: Don Ross and Kane Stewart (The Sex Bombs)
AGE: Don, 25; Kane, 28
OCCUPATIONS: The Sex Bombs is what happens when a California Beach Burnout Artist moves to Nashville, Tennessee and befriends Kentucky Producer and recording engineer Don Ross of Summer Island Studios based out of East Nashville. Summer Island is The Sex Bombs personal garden for sound experimentation. Many late nights are spent with bottles of Evan Williams Whiskey. Go here to stream our upcoming debut EP.
FAVORITE NASHVILLE HANG SPOTS: 3 Crow in East Nashville is our local spot, but we like to mix it up.  Monday at Mercy Lounge is where eight bands play three songs.  The Sock Hop at The Five Spot is late on Mondays. We love Tuesday nights at Mai for old school hip-hop and 40oz of Miller High Life served in brown bags. Springwater is a pretty good place to see underground Nashville music.

WHO: Taylor Elias
AGE: 22
OCCUPATION: I play in a rock 'n' roll band based out of Nashville.  More soon!
FAVORITE NASHVILLE HANG SPOT: East Nashville is sort of a hot bed for the young bar crowd in this town, so I really do enjoy the Five Points area. Bars like Three Crow and Red Door serve as sort of general meeting grounds for a pretty well connected city... and actually a newly discovered gem known as Bar 308 has probably one of the closest experiences I've seen in a Nashville bar to mimicking what a drink in Manhattan is like. If I'm feeling a little more celebratory though, a bar in midtown called Whiskey Kitchen is one of my favorite places both for professional mingling and just to have a drink.

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