Kids From My Travels: Nashville Kids M.G, Chancellor & Stephen

Jeffrey Kilmer
WHO: Matthew Gibson Brown, "MG"

AGE: 24

WHAT HE DOES: Most of my time is devoted to music. I'm pretty damn Nashville when it comes to that. I've played with multiple bands over the years, usually in a few at a time. My main project right now is a post punk band, with my ex, called NiTE NiTE.

HOMETOWN: I'm from Nashville and am a true Southerner through and through. Don't get me wrong, not in the Bible thumper, angry from ignorance sort of way... I just  think you should be able to smoke cigarettes wherever you want and all restaurants should serve iced sweet tea.

FAVORITE NASHVILLE SPOTS: I hang out mostly in East Nashville. The 5 Spot in five points is my "go-to" bar. If I don't have anything to do or anyone to hang out with, I can go there and see close to half my friends on any given night. My buddies work there and it's the only decent venue on the east side. There is also Dino's, which is a great dive with the best burgers and patty melts in town. Nothing like an enormous burger and pints of PBR served out of mason jars. There are acceptable west side hangouts I will cross the river for, like Goldrush, a great bar on Elliston (aka The Rock Block) with The Exit In and The End, two good venues in town.

WHO: Chancellor Warhol

AGE: 27

WHAT HE DOES: I am a musician, rapper, stylist and designer. I have an album out  called Japanese Lunbox: A Love Story, which is now available on iTunes.

HOMETOWN: Nashville, TN, aka Music City

FAVORITE NASHVILLE SPOTS: 12 & Porter is one of my favorite spots to perform and my good friend DJ Coach hosts an amazing dance party on Saturday Nights called Y2K.  Provence Artisan Bread Co. is king when it comes to coffee and getting a good bite to eat. Amazing bread. It has a very Parisian dining feel.  The Patterson House is the best spot to grab drinks before you head out to go clubbing. It has a very 1930s Chicago vibe, and the drinks are second to none.  MAI is the club where all the pretty girls go to get away, if you have half a brain you should go there too. They have had everyone from Will.I.Am to LMFAO do DJ sets!

WHO: Stephen Schofield

AGE: 24

WHAT HE DOES: I play guitar and sing vocals along with my brother in our band Schofield. Whenever I'm not working on Schofield's music I'm either writing/recording for my personal project Grail Ives or reading and doing laundry.

HOMETOWN: Vampire capital of the world: New Orleans, LA. 

FAVORITE NASHVILLE SPOTS: I drink loads of coffee and so my favorite cafe is The Good Cup, where I go a few miles outside of the city for a decent cup of coffee and solitude. Whenever I have some extra cash Ill go to the Whiskey Kitchen or Patterson House. The cocktails are good and the pours are usually generous. Worth the price. However, I have recently been frequenting the Blue Bar in Midtown every Thursday night. There I can go have a smoke and order shitty watery beer for a fourth of the price as the aforementioned holes and enjoy loud/gritty rock 'n roll from some of my friends in the Sewing Circle. 

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