Kids From My Travels: Midwest Boys Patrick, Brett and Brad

Jeffrey Kilmer

WHO: Patrick Liam Hartley
AGE: 21
OCCUPATION: Student of economics at University of Michigan. School gets between me and everything I've ever wanted to do. During the summer, I am a program director at a summer camp. It couldn't be more fun.
HOMETOWN: Ferndale, MI. It's in the metro Detroit area. Growing up, the Royal Oak/Ferndale area was full of up-to-no-good kids who liked music and humor. And I quickly became one of them.
FAVORITE LOCAL HANG SPOT: The mansion I currently reside in is best known as Ann Arbor's "Metal Frat." We throw large parties featuring local and touring bands. It's great walking out of your room and down the hall into the best show you've ever been too, where everyone you ever knew is having a blast. The band room is just big enough for the 60ish biggest fans of whatever band is playing. And it's nice seeing a show where the people who actually get into the music get precedence. On weekdays, people get together and play Dungeons and Dragons, or go skateboarding. It combines all the nerdy things and cool things I like, and reminds me that you don't have to grow up when you get older.

WHO: Brett Burkhart
AGE: 19
OCCUPATION: I work a factory job where I help run a printing press that prints huge banners or posters for places like American Eagle, Express, Subway, and other major companies. I have only been working there for about a month and a half now. Not exactly sure of my future plans.
HOMETOWN: The south side of Indianapolis, Indiana
FAVORITE LOCAL HANG SPOT: I like to hang out at parties and hope to meet some honeys, rock 'n' roll shows where I get my dance on, and of course skateparks because I enjoy skateboarding.

WHO: Brad St. Patrick
AGE: 26
OCCUPATION: Vocals/guitar in Black Cat Rebellion, overnight supervisor for a major corporation, hope to be starting school soon for criminal sciences/marine biology.
HOMETOWN: Indianapolis, IN
FAVORITE LOCAL HANG SPOT: Mutiny! at the Casbah in Indianapolis/Broad Ripple. They spin post-punk music. I also visit Wolf Park in Battleground frequently, a wolf reserve just outside Lafayette, IN.

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