Kids From My Travels: London Boys Ellis, Matthew and Vincent

Jeffrey Kilmer

WHO: Ellis Cosgrove
AGE: 19
OCCUPATION: Graphic design student/"creative dreamer"
FAVORITE LONDON HANG SPOT: A club night called "Nuke Them All," which kind of moves around to different venues because the council keep shutting it down for various reasons. It's kind of post-rave and has an apocalyptic theme, but it's really hedonistic and crazy and people get pretty inventive with their costumes. It's fun.

NAME: Matthew Jamieson
AGE: 21
OCCUPATION: I'm a qualified mechanical engineer, in my spare time I ride a mountain bike, but as a BMXer and I am sponsored by NPJ Dirtbikes over in Germany and also Dropdead Clothing.
HOMETOWN: I was born in Scunthorpe but my new adopted home is Sheffield.
FAVORITE LONDON HANG SPOT: I hang out in a lot of bars and traditional pubs around Sheffield, I also love going to gigs to see bands like the Black Dahlia Murder, but I pretty much like any sort of music from hardcore and metal to electro. The place I spend most of my time is the skate park or street riding in and around town.

NAME: Vincent Kelsey
AGE: 25
OCCUPATION: Currently I work at the Oxford Circus Topshop, but I'm a filmmaker at heart. Currently working on a new short film which is part of a bigger feature film and also working on some music videos.
HOMETOWN: Johannesburg/Port Elizabeth, South Africa
FAVORITE LONDON HANG SPOT: Astoria 2. They have two different club nights there called Demolition and Face Down, a kind of a metal/emo/rock night. Some cool kids go down with tattoos and cool hair, that kinda thing. It's all about doing cider Jager bombs there! Makes for a good night!

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