Kids From My Travels: Iowa Boys Lucas, Brian & Mike

Jeffrey Kilmer

WHO: Lucas Woodley AKA Lou
AGE: 21
OCCUPATION: Manager at Wendy's/BMX rider
HOMETOWN: Boone, Iowa
SHOT IN: Des Moines, Iowa
FAVORITE DES MOINES HANG SPOT: Any skate park, or you can find me lurking the streets of Des Moines on my bike.

WHO: Brian Carter
AGE: 23
OCCUPATION: I work full-time doing data entry. But I also ride BMX bikes for Team Iowa BMX doing box-jump shows from time to time. I went to college for graphic design. I love to roadtrip a lot; any chance to see someplace different I take.
HOMETOWN: Born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa
SHOT IN: Des Moines, Iowa
FAVORITE DES MOINES HANG SPOT: My house. Any place people are having a goodtime; whether it be riding bikes or going out to party. I'm here to live life and enjoy the ride while I can. Also any place with girls.

WHO: Mike "Sticky" Duthler
AGE: 22
OCCUPATION: Liberal arts/carpentry courses in college. DIY (do it yourself) 'zine maker (writer, photographer, artist, editor) and DIY skateboard company founder/artist.,
HOMETOWN: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
SHOT IN: Davenport, Iowa
FAVORITE DAVENPORT HANG SPOT: My favorite hangout is any skate park. I love to skate. I've spent a good amount of my life riding skateboards at various skate parks, and I've met some pretty interesting people, including my best-friend/girlfriend who I do everything with.

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