Kids From My Travels: Florida's Tommy, Tyler, and TJ

Jeffrey Kilmer

NAME: Tommy Norton
AGE: 20
: I work in my Ma's real estate office. I want to go to school for writing, though. Any and all of my writing is posted at I'm also interested in starting a modeling career.
SHOT IN: Cape Canaveral National Seashore, Fl
FAVORITE FL HANGSPOT: Well, right now, I love going to downtown Orlando. It's just always a good time there. Backbooth Bar and I-Bar are great spots to hang out with a few friends and dance a little.

NAME: Tyler Broughton
AGE: 20
HOMETOWN: Cleveland, Ohio
SHOT IN: Daytona, FL
OCCUPATION: I'm currently working my ass off at a small pizza place trying to pay bills and get by while attending Santa Fe college, but luckily I'm starting cosmetology school in a couple months so if you're looking for a hair dresser come find me!
FAVORITE FL HANGSPOT: I don't get out too much with work and school but living with five guys there's always something going on at the house, or if we feel like dressing up and going out we normally hit up Neon Liger in downtown Gainesville for free beer, fun people and good dancing music.

AGE: 20
OCCUPATION: I'm a full-time student at Daytona State College in the pre-pharmacy program. After three national tours with my band Pathway to Providence I have been witness to many acts of legal and majorly illegal drug use. It has caused me to question the human mind. Many of the most powerful illegal drugs are manufactured in our own body in very small amounts. I plan to research this as a pharmacist.
HOMETOWN: Palm Coast, FL
SHOT IN: Daytona, FL.
FAVORITE FL HANGSPOT: Palm Coast is 80% senior citizens and most of the other 20% are former students who dropped out. They spend their days clubbing and partying in nearby Orlando. With school and work, I consider myself lucky if I can have one drunken night out a week. I spend it at Independent Bar in Orlando because its got the best indie dance floor in central florida.

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