Kids From My Travels: Dallas Boys Tazz, Issac & Christopher

Jeffrey Kilmer

WHO: Issac French
AGE: 20
OCCUPATION: I work at American Apparel, make videos for a bike shop, ride a kids bike, play music.
FAVORITE DALLAS HANG SPOT: My house because it has almost everything I need. It's got my mates, music, bikes, video gear, my lady, etc. Sometimes I'll hang out in Mason's room too.

WHO: Christopher Craft
AGE: 20
OCCUPATION: I'm a part-time waiter and a full time father, and I'm currently in delayed entry for the Marine Corps.
HOMETOWN: Dallas, Texas born and raised
FAVORITE DALLAS HANG SPOT: I rarely get the chance to go out anymore. It's guaranteed that I'm either working or with my daughter, Zoey, and her mom.

WHO: Tazz Hernandez
AGE: 22
OCCUPATION: I ride BMX and do video production. My sponsors are Tree and Leaf Clothing and Standard Byke Co.
FAVORITE DALLAS HANG SPOT: Anywhere with good weed.

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