Kids From My Travels: Brooklyn Boys Gene, Logan, and Mikey

Jeffrey Kilmer

NAME: Gene Bradley
OCCUPATION: I have been working as an event photographer for WSJ, Redbull, Interview, Hiro, Music Unites and some other random stuff. I'm also a studio lighting assistant, a part-time model and I DJ Bangon!NYC every Thursday at Home Sweet Home.
HOMETOWN: I am from this great place in Australia right on the beach called Mornington, but spent the earlier part of my childhood growing up in Frankston. If you ask anyone from Melbourne about Frankston, they will probably tell you its the biggest shithole on the east side of the city.
SHOT IN: Brooklyn
FAVORITE NYC HANGSPOT: NYC is a bit of a random place to stick to one venue, but when I do go out I go to Apotheke ( great Chinatown spot with killer cocktails) and I occasionally go to Royal Oak around the corner from my flat, but only when I am feeling like being solo.

WHO: Logan Neitzel

AGE: 26
OCCUPATION: Clothing designer. Updates and online store coming soon to
: Blackfoot, Idaho -- a farming town of 10,000 people. Currently living in NYC.
: Brooklyn
: I'm still exploring New York, but am looking for a dark hole-in-the-wall bar where I can put my head down and not be bothered by scenesters or the bridge and tunnel crowd. Somewhere with Sauza Hornitos, Tecate and taxidermy. Otherwise, I'm in my studio.

NAME: Mikey Griffin
AGE: 20
: Somewhat recently unemployed writer, non-profit "artist," freelance whatever.
HOMETOWN: Mastic/Shirley, NY. Currently living in Bushwick.
SHOT IN: Brooklyn
FAVORITE NYC HANG SPOT: Rock Star Bar (or any other low-key, sketchy bar), rooftops across Brooklyn and downtown, trackside LIRR, anywhere that I can lurk and get gnarly under the radar.

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