Kids From My Travels: Brooklyn Boys Derek, Matthew & Billy

Jeffrey Kilmer

NAME: Derek Walize
AGE: 18
OCCUPATION: I am a musician and study creative writing at Pratt.
HOMETOWN: Born and raised on the farm back home in Pennsylvania.
SHOT IN: Brooklyn
FAVORITE NYC HANG SPOT: My band's cabin back home, with some humble food going on the fire and a Gram Parsons record spinning. Moving to the city has been a pretty rough transition; the only places I see myself being is anywhere but where I am at now. Alaska and the Southwest have always been a place of interest since I was a kid, and I plan on hitchhiking around out West and eventually settling down in Alaska. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices before these things can happen. The materialistic drive that powers this city disgusts me, so it will be interesting to see how long I stick around.

NAME: Matthew Mosshart
AGE: 25
OCCUPATION: By day: part-time sous chef at a brasserie that serves whole legs of animals. By night: Vegan and gluten-free baker.
HOMETOWN: Vero Beach, Florida.
SHOT IN: Brooklyn
FAVORITE NYC HANG SPOT: Fat Cat in the West Village. I could play pool for 24 hours straight and never get bored.

Billy Keith
AGE: 29
Hairstylist. I have been doing hair for a little over a year, love my job. It's great getting to meet so many different people.
HOMETOWN: I'm from Florence, SC. It's a pretty small town about two hours from the coast. It always makes me smile thinking that I could come from a little farm town and make it in NYC. NYC is definitely my home now.
SHOT IN: Brooklyn
FAVORITE NYC HANG SPOT: Pretty much anywhere as long as I'm with people I love. That's usually what makes the bar. I do find myself at Motor City bar in the LES and Tailor in SoHo. There's always good music, and Tailor has really amazing food.

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