Kids From My Travels: Brighton Boys James, Sam and Kel

Jeffrey Kilmer

WHO: James Michael Adam Scott
AGE: 18
OCCUPATION: Part time television work
HOMETOWN: Brighton
FAVORITE BRIGHTON HANG SPOT: Okay, my favorite Place to Hang would be Punk. It's a wicked club in Soho (central London) and my mate Davey hosts a night there. The people there are well safe and the atmosphere is amazing! the night always start off pretty drunk to be honest, and just gets a hell of a lot messier the further into the night you are. I can't really explain it, but my god, you want a good night out you've bloody got one! If you're ever down in London come down for a guaranteed laugh every Tuesday!

WHO: Sam Irvine
AGE: 22
OCCUPATION: Graphic/web designer & musician
HOMETOWN: Brighton
FAVORITE BRIGHTON HANG SPOT: There are so many in Brighton that its hard to pick just one. But special mentions go out to The Pav Tav (Pavillion Tavern) for providing many a good time. Seems like clockwork to head there before anywhere else for a good drink and a chat. A definite hotspot most nights.

WHO: Kel
AGE: 21
OCCUPATION: I just graduated from university and now have a degree in popular music. I play bass and synths in a band called The Blue Skies and we gig around Brighton and London and are looking for a label. You can check us out at
HOMETOWN: Brighton
FAVORITE BRIGHTON HANG SPOT: I like Rikitiks in the Laines in Brighton as it's got a cool atmosphere in there, and they usually play good music. Other than that I go to Above Audio in Brighton which is a cool bar that has some pretty nice drinks in there and good DJs!

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