Khloé Kardashian's promotion of a migraine medication has raised some substantial concerns.

It all started on Monday when the reality star tweeted out a sponsored post about Nurtec ODT, a prescription medication for acute migraines manufactured by a drug company called Biohaven.

"With #NurtecODT I dared to reimagine life with #migraine," Khloé wrote, before mentioning that the most common side effect was nausea. "From launching new businesses to spending time with family, I'm dreaming BIGGER & so are others."

And while some used the accompanying hashtag to jokingly ask whether the drug was a "bronzer" or "image editing software," according to BuzzFeed News, a number of online critics also argued that Big Pharma was crossing a huge ethical line by getting influencers to push their drugs on the public.

"Celebrity sponsored drugs is a big no from me," one person wrote alongside the #NurtecODT hashtag, while another said that, "'Celebrity' endorsement of drugs is a step waaaaay to far."

Not only that, but as other commenters noted, this particular marketing move was especially concerning given that the meds could potentially be an expensive out-of-pocket cost for many Americans.

After all, as one Twitter user wrote, "A promoted ad for migraine medication featuring Khloe Kardashian appearing on my tl at 3 am is the best explanation of the American healthcare system I can possibly give."

For her part, Khloé has yet to respond to the criticism. In the meantime though, you can read BuzzFeed News's report, here.

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