If you're thinking of fucking commenting on Khloe Kardashian's fucking culinary skills, you better take those fucking fingers off your fucking keyboard, and slowly put that fucking phone down.

Khloe fucking Instagramed some fucking highlights from her gorgeously prepared Thanksgiving fucking dinner two fucking weeks ago with her gorgeously blended, progressive fucking family.

Among her fucking offerings? Some delicious fucking homemade pies.

WELL! After TMZ sleuth'd that the motherfucking pies were purchased from a fucking Sweet Lady Jane's in the fucking Greater Los Angeles fucking area FUCK, the Internet trolls came out in full fucking force, unleashing their fucking pie-doubting venom onto Ms. Khloe's fucking social media accounts.

Fucking Piegate 2015?!!!?

Not on our fucking watch!!!!!!! Or ESPECIALLY Khloe's!

Khloe took to fucking Twitter to fucking silence her mother fucking pie-haters.

You hear that, fuckfaces?


And when you motherfuckers came biting back at her heels, even after she fucking tweeted this?

Khloe fucking bit back!!!!!!

Even if it was true, and fucking Khloe threw some fucking store-bought pies on a the fucking stove, and called them her fucking own? Who cares!

You can come for her family, you can come for her personal life, but don't fucking come for Khloe Kardashian's mother fucking desserts.

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