Kevin Federline, the former baron of Von Dutch Barron and ex-husband of Queen Britney, has released a new rap song "Hollywood," as well as an accompanying video.

The video features eternal giggle goblin Andy Dick...

...and white rapper Crichy Crich, an associate of Aaron Carter...

Crich got Tara Reid's name tattooed on his arm last year, FYI.

KFed and Crich break into a chic Hollywood Hills party, where a ton of debauchery is going down...

...including A-Dick, making a reference to Amber Rose's "fingers in the booty" tweet to Kanye West a few months back.

The #fingersinthebooty business makes another cameo later on.

The rest of the video consists of Kevin standing by the Jason Mewes lookalike as he repeats this gruesome manifesto:

"Hollywood, I been drinkin' all night/she been sniffin' all white/everythang is all right."

Brb, walking into the sea.

2004-2005 will always be yours, Kev.

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