While the campaign to #freekesha from her contract with Dr. Luke has gone on, Kesha has been effectively silenced as an artist. She hasn't put out new music in any form since her appearance on Pitbull's "Timber" in 2013. In her most recent appeal, Kesha's lawyers have argued that not releasing new music will have a serious detrimental effect on her career prospects. But while Kesha's not returning to a studio anytime soon, an Instagram post confirms that she is once again writing. She shared a selfie surrounded by flowers, captioned "been writing all day" and celebrating her feelings with a string of emojis, including high heels and nail-painting.

Kesha's posted Instagrams before that indicate she's got a lot to say, including this one from a few weeks ago of her strumming a guitar, captioned "just up all day, all night writing."

She might not be legally allowed to record, but she'll have plenty ready for her and Jack Antonoff's illegal mixtape.

[h/t Dazed Digital]

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