Guided by the killer instincts of creative directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, cool-kid brand KENZO has established itself as a real platform for compelling creatives. They've made fashion films with the likes of Khalil Joseph, Spike Jonze, Natasha Lyonne, Ruth Ossai, Akinola Davies Jr. and Carrie Brownstein, and now they're elevating the voices of a new set of young international directors with their new series, Kenzo Season Zero. The three films tasked fillmmakers Mati Diop, Baptist Penetticobra and Eduardo Williams, which their press release describes as "mixed, expatriated nomads' with encapsulating "a singular relationship with the world" on film. They were all tasked with answering the question "How do we inhabit Earth today?"

Unsurprisingly, they had very different answers. Diop's short, "Olympus," follows her model brother Gard Diop on a moonlit bike ride through Paris, Penetticobra's film, "Untitled (Juice") captures a contemporary black Mona Lisa rhapsodizing about her love of orange juice, and Williams' "Tzzd" captures the dream of an elf sleeping on a subway. There's voguing, there's vibes, there's cold beverages, and most importantly, there are FASHIONS.

Watch the three films below...

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