It's obvious from first glance that Doom Generation maestro Gregg Araki had a hand in Kenzo's AW15 campaign film -- after all, it does start with a #Snackwave couple making out through a Big Mac (my actual fantasy). 

Titled "Now Here" (lol, we c u Nowhere-era Araki), Kenzo's latest campaign film evokes the B movie-inspired, pseudo-surreal feel of the cult director's famed Teenage Apocalypse Trilogy. And for a fashion film, it's definitely an unexpected 30-second spot, all gritty shots and snippets of nihilist dialogue so intriguing that we can maybe forgive the dumb French subtitles for a sec. Watch the campaign stars get freaky/pray/philosophize in true Araki splat-style below.

h/t i-D
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