Vogue's somewhat unsettling 73 Questions series has cast its POV (ugh) on the magazine's September cover star, Kendall Jenner.

The model leads the narrator into her mother's familiar Calabasas manor, where much of Keeping Up With the Kardashians is filmed.

While the entry is fairly run-of-the-mill for this series, with questions ranging from "favorite movie" (The Notebook), to "body part people need to pay more attention to" (My ass)...

...the true cosmically glorious moment comes in a cameo from the titan momager, herself, Kris Jenner.

We hear a faint power-saw behind a door with caution tape on it, and when Ken-Ken opens it, we find Kris, clad in a white jumpsuit and a hardhat, sawing away at nothing in particular.

I really believe this was extracted from my subconscious; my own Jacob's Ladder moment, cruelly robbed from my own psyche.

God bless you, Kris.

Watch the full video below.

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