Kelly Rowland on Destiny's Child Fashion Mishaps and Loving the Gays

Alex Catarinella
News Flash: Moschino knows how to throw a party. We're talking chic guest-list only pretty young things, endless champagne and yummy teeny Spice Market bites, and a Honey, I Blew Up The Kids-inspired purse (think "Posh in a bag" MJ ads), which was in heavy use for photo-ops. Spotted in a sea of chic at the FNO fete: Ugly Betty (RIP!) cutie Michael Urie, PAPERMAG's favorite musical duo Mia Moretti and Caitlin Moe, and the stunning Ms. Kelly Rowland, who caused immense head-turning.  We put down our champagne for a moment to chat with the always lovely Rowland about her Fashion Week plans, her recently debuted killer hair cut, and why the gays are a girl's best friend. 

You recently debuted a new short do! Why the change?
I chopped it off in Atlanta while I was there. I felt the need for a change because I had long hair for so long. And remember, when Destiny's Child first came out? I was the one with short hair.

A return to your roots, then. And, of course I remember! Who could forget that fire red hair! 
The red hair, purple hair, blue hair. I was a frickin' rainbow. 

Gotta love the late '90s!
Well, I had the audacity to carry it into the 2000s. But it was really cute! And now everybody's doing red hair. 

Does the pixie cut make you feel free? 
Yes. While Nelson [my hairdresser] was cutting my hair, the more he cut, the lighter I felt. 

What's next? A Britney buzz? 
Nooo! I have too much of a five-head for that! 

What NYFW shows are you looking forward to? 
Catherine Malandrino. I won't be able to make Alexander Wang -- I really wanted to go. I think everything was gone by the time I said I wanted to go. I was like, "I'll stand up. I don't care!" I love Alexander Wang so if you see a person back there with short hair standing up, that's me! I buy Alexander Wang on a weekly basis. 

So who would you say are your favorite designers?
It's a tie wetween Alexander Wang and Alexander McQueen. And DSquared. And of course, Moschino. Because I came in here to look and already tried to buy five pieces out of here. They were like, "No no, wait wait! Because we're going to do an event with them." So I was like, "OK, Cool!" Now I'm here and we're a family.

Do you remember a regrettable fashion flop circa the Destiny's Child days?
It was one where we had yellow dresses on and the top was yellow brocade and the bottom was feathers. We had a Big Bird moment!

What inspires your own fashion?
I look at people on the street. Because the thing is, I still love comfort when I dress. I love to be very chic with funk. You know what I mean? That's what I love about this outfit tonight. This is a very classic, chic, funky outfit. For me, the higher the heel, the better. So I don't care what I have on, if I'm not almost six feet, I'm kind of pissed.

How tall are you?
I'm 5'7. But give me a large heel and I'm real happy then. 

Girl, you better work that runway!
Oh my God, after the fashion shows, do you not find yourself trying to walk like a model? I was doing it in the hotel today and someone caught me and I was like, "Oh!" I was so embarrassed.

Your new material continues to receive a ton of buzz. When can we expect the album?
Next year for right now. I'm still working on it. A friend of mine, Bryan Michael Cox who did Mariah's "We Belong Together" with Jermaine Dupri -- we're all going back in the studio because they tell stories so well. So we're going back in to write more stories. 

It seems like a lot of the gays are LIVING for "Commander." How important has the gay community been for you and your career?
Extremely. First of all, I remember the first time Destiny's Child was introduced to the gay community. It was like a whole different world -- completely. I love it! I love, love, love and appreciate the gay community for being so supportive of myself and my sisters over the years. To all of us. 

You really speak to us! 
Awww! Y'all speak to us. You have no idea. It's a love/love relationship. It's definitely appreciated, it does not go unnoticed and y'all are the reason I'm still here.


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