Last night, Kelly Osbourne took to Twitter to vent some frustration over her father Ozzy's alleged affair with hairstylist Michelle Pugh.

The still-unconfirmed-but-sort-of-confirmed incident is apparently the driving force behind Ozzy and wife Sharon Osbourne's current split, after 33 years of marriage.

Oh, damn.

After receiving some backlash for the passionate move, Kelly began engaging with Twitter users.

In one reply, Kelly hinted at something other than simple infidelity...

Other users seemed to respond positively to the tweet...

The number, not surprisingly, is no longer in service.

Just last week, Kelly Instagramed this post, seemingly in solidarity with Mama Sharon.


This isn't the first time a notable human person tweeted out the phone number of an enemy: in 2010, M.I.A. tweeted NYT writer Lynn Hirschberg, who she felt mired her name in the cover story she wrote on the rapper.


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