Kelly Osbourne Talks Twitter and Her "Barre Look."

Mickey Boardman
One of PAPER's former cover-girls Kelly Osbourne was looking svelte and gorgeous at Milk Studios for Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. presentation. MM caught up with Kelly for a little Q&A.

 So here you are in New York City. Who's your friend?

This is Sidney, my dog, Sid.

You're so popular on Twitter. What do you think about Twitter? Do you love to Tweet or do you sometimes feel like. "Ugh, I don't have anything to say today?"
Well, if I don't have something to say I'm not going to write something. I think that people get a little desperate for attention on Twitter. If I wasn't in the public eye I wouldn't be on Twitter,
because I just think, "why would I want to tell everyone what I am doing all the time?" But for someone who is in the public eye, it's an amazing way to connect with your friends, and actually talk to the people who are the reason why you have everything that you have. It's
a way of giving back. And it's also a great way of getting your voice back if something happened that's not true. It's the easiest way to be like I didn't do that or I didn't say that, and it's done.

And since you were so great on Dancing with the Stars, have you kept up dancing?
I'm still doing it. I've been doing the barre method as well. I was just there this morning for an hour, and literally my legs still feel like jelly.

You were hanging with your leg up on the barre?
It is pilates and ballet mixed.

What is your barre look like? Do you have an ensemble?
No, I literally wear whatever is clean and easy to work out in, and that's it. Today I was doing it in tights and a T-shirt. My friend and I were like, "We need to go buy leggings!"

Does your boyfriend do it with you? I like the idea of you and your boyfriend working out together in tights and a T-shirt.
He's not into the whole working out thing at all. Not at all.

I think that your dog wants to be a star.
I think he's going to eat your microphone!

Anyway, good to see you!
Good to see you too.

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