Keane - The Band That Creates Together, Stays Together


"Keane reckon they survived a rocky spell during the recording of their 'darker' new album Under The Iron Sea because of the sheer quality of the music they were making.  The band told NME earlier this year that they nearly split during the making of the LP, out June 12.  But despite the awkward atmosphere in the studio, the band were brought back together by what they were creating.  Frontman Tom Chaplin told, 'One of the great things about music is that it's what brought us together in the first place.  It was our geeky way of expressing ourselves.  We were never very good at talking about stuff, we'd just turn it into music.'"

After reading this I must admit that I like Keane a lot more than I used to. While I've always appreciated their music I was never a huge fan. Now, however, not only have I relistened to their album and found it more approachable, but I also have a new-found respect for the members of Keane. So many times, bands are torn apart by the creative process of music -- egos clash and the music suffers. In Keane's case, however, the music and its creation was more important than the individual, which is how it should be. 

Stream songs from Under The Iron Sea at Keane's myspace page.


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