Once again, comedian Tim Heidecker (Tim & Eric) has "leaked" a special song from the Super Bowl halftime artist -- this year it's Katy Perry ft. Lenny Kravitz -- and it sounds like a cross between an '80s commercial jingle for Lil Miss Makeup and a synth'd-out Rebecca Black track. In other words, it's genius. There's even thoughtful, football-inspired lyrics like "I like to watch the football game / It makes me totally insane" and "Don't like to dribble, you pass the ball / You run the ball, you go to the endzone to score the points."

While the Katy Perry impersonation leaves a little to be desired, the Lenny Kravitz voice -- which may or may not be clipped together from the singer's real voiceovers and interviews -- is awfully convincing. He starts his guest verse by getting on the mic and saying, "Hey I'm Lenny Kravitz, brought to you by T-Mobile" and returns at the very end of the song with some thoughts on the sorry state of modern civilization at the very end. Can't wait to see them perform this onstage next Sunday!

[h/t Stereogum

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