Funny or Die has teamed up with Forbes' top earning female musician Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (known in some parts as Katy Perry) for a PSA about making sure you get your ass to a voting booth this November, even if that ass is bare. Truly.

Perry does her best infomercial parody, explaining to viewers that in no place in the constitution does it say you can't show up to the voting booth in "any state you just woke up in," as Perry puts it, looking "like shit." The singer emphasizes this, with lollipops and wrappers stuck to her mane.

She takes us through some possible out-of-bed scenarios, including:

A child's onesie.

Hunk in kids' briefs.

That free XL t-shirt you got from your bank.

Covered in slime.

And finally...fully nude, as Perry prefers it...

...which doesn't turn out as well as she'd hoped.

Didn't Orlando teach you anything, KT?!


Watch below.

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