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The PR teams for successful capitalists Taylor Swift and Katy Perry added another chapter to their very, very boring "feud," this time in a name.

What's a name, you ask?


KT has come out with a new scent in her fragrance cornucopia, Katy Perry Fragrances, and is calling the saccharine mess "Mad Love."

While putting "mad" in front of something seems pretty expected from Perry, Kween of Appropriation...

...this seems to be a direct and exhaustingly obvious reference to Tay-Tay's tainted frondship anthem "Bad Blood," which, by now, if you don't fucking know that it's about Katy Perry, I'm very envious of you.

If you'll remember, word-welder Swift includes the lyric:

Cause baby, now we've got bad blood / You know it used to be mad love.

The lyric that defined a generation!


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