It's been a tough week - not least because Carol failed to earn a Best Picture Oscar nomination, proving that there is truly no appreciation for love and beauty in this cold, cruel world.

The snub was a hard pill to swallow. We all dealt with the news as best we could, though some of us were unable to contain our grief.

For everyone still reeling from Hollywood unequivocally declared that movies about Matt Damon in space and Leonardo DiCaprio wrestling a bear are superior to gorgeously crafted films about women, there is some relief. Comedian Kate Berlant has shared a series of Carol impressions that are so accurate they bypass comedy and will make you cry sweet, glistening lady tears for Carol and Therese all over again.

While The Academy may not appreciate sapphic cinematic magic, Berlant offers a beautiful reminder that WE'RE NOT UGLY PEOPLE, HARGE.

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