Karen O's new video for single "Day Go By," off last year's ridiculously gorgeous Crush Songs, is a double whammy of emotion. First, there's the song. O tells Vogue she wrote it, "when I was living in Los Angeles and my boyfriend was stuck freezing in New York -- I really needed my fix of being with him but was miles away." It should make you feel a small, knotty feeling in the center of your chest and/or stomach. Don't worry, that's just your heart exploding into a million little pieces -- a typical, totally normal response to hearing O's keen paired with dreamy acoustic guitar. Second, and this is what will really destroy you if you are currently on the East Coast or in the Midwest, there's the beautifully shot sun-drenched clip itself, directed by Vanessa Hollander and Wilson Philippe. The lovely, simple footage features a couple hanging out in a magical far-off place where the sun doesn't set at 3:30 pm and there are other colors besides grey, swimming, riding a motorcycle and sitting by the ocean. Are you and your seasonally affected self slowly sliding down a wall sobbing right now, realizing you won't be able to wear high-waisted yellow shorts for at least another four months? Same. Wallow with us and Ms. O in our wintertime sadness above.
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