Karen O Takes Her Shoes Off at the MoMA.

Last night, at the MoMA's annual outdoor fund-raising fete, The Party in the Garden, the festive crowd was comprised of young arty types, Hugh Jackman and Glenn Close types and dudes-we-recognized-from-our-college-crew-team types. The evening's centerpiece was a fun and rather sizable set from two-thirds of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Karen O -- sporting a  colorful and sparkly Christian Joy dress -- and Nick Zinner) with Imaad Wasif on the guitar and Russell Simins on the drums. Karen O's delicate vocals on quieter songs like "All Is Love" couldn't quite compete with the noisy crowd, who seemed at first more concerned with scoring their next glass of wine and chatting amongst themselves. But once she got comfortable on stage ("Hold on a sec, I have to take off my shoes," she said in between songs before proceeding to remove her uncomfortable-looking tan heels) and started jumping around on stage to YYY hits like "Maps" and "Zero," the eclectic crowd stopped schmoozing and boozing for long enough to rock out a little bit.

Photo by Chris La Putt from Brooklyn Vegan.

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