If you tuned in to social media at any point this week, you might have seen Kanye West's vocal support for Donald Trump, Kim's series of defensive tweets, Donald Trump Jr. declaring his admiration for Kim (#ImWithHer), Trump's gratitude to Kanye, Azealia Banks' takedown of Kim, Chance the Rapper's claim that "Black people don't have to be Democrats," all of which set the Internet ablaze.

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Many jumped to a range of conclusions as to why, after DACA, the Muslim Ban, Paris Climate Accord, North Korea, Charlottesville, Russia, Comey, the multiple affairs (the list goes on), West would isolate his demographic by tweeting numerous times praising Donald Trump.

Several celebrities wasted no time waving goodbye to West after he revealed his continued alliance to Trump — including his frequent collaborators — swiftly hitting the "unfollow" button. Rihanna? Done. The Weeknd? No more. Kendrick? Out. Justin Bieber? Bye. Even Nicki Minaj is gone. As is Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Harry Styles.

Stars also spoke out disparaging West's comments.

ICE T might be done, but John was rearing to go.

Let's all listen to John.

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And that's the end of that. Only time — or Twitter — will tell what's next for Kanye.

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