UPDATE UPDATE: Kanye West continues to troll us all.

**Inhales deeply, exhales sloooooowly**


UPDATE: Kanye West has defended his meeting with Donald Trump this morning on Twitter:

Then added with a cryptic allusion to a potential Kanye for President run...in 2024:


Without many words, Kanye West--who recently resurfaced into the public eye following hospitalization for a mental health crisis--is currently at Trump Tower in Manhattan, meeting with Russia's imp the 45th President, for some fucking reason.

He arrived with an entourage, and camera crew, in the last year (hair still blonde!):

Zero theories I want to speculate on, but if Kanye is performing at the inauguration...artistic outreach?...

Unclear, but the most probable theory is that this is yet another stunt Trump is pulling to distract us from literally every fucking thing he's doing/about to do.

The two are holding a press conference:

Fuck my life.

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