Kanye West has premiered his new video for the Life of Pablo track "Famous," and the ten minute clip is possibly his most genius but terrifying work he's ever given us.

Fashioned as a home video, the grainy clip hovers above a seemingly endless white bed, with sleeping bodies of the most famous people in the world right now, including Kanye, Kim Kardashian West, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Amber Rose, Donald Trump, Chris Brown, Caitlyn Jenner, George Bush, Bill Cosby, Anna Wintour, and RAY J.

Of course, not all of them were physically in this--their faces were perfectly photoshopped onto these sleeping vessels, eerily comatose as the voyeuristic camera light shines down on them without their knowledge.

The whole thing was based on this 2008 painting by Vincent Desiderio, called "Sleep."

The video ends with Kanye thanking his muses "for being famous."


It's streaming on TIDAL. You can watch it above.

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