[UPDATE: And all the confetti emojis go to Amber Rose, the baddest bitch there ever was.]

Kanye West announced the renaming of his forthcoming album from Swish to Waves last night, and apparently Wiz Khalifa had some stuff to say about the move -- accusing West of ripping off rapper Max B who popularized the phrase "wavy." Wiz also made an ambigious reference to "hitting the kk" later, which Kanye seemingly interpreted to be a jab at his wife.

West fired back with a string of vicious tweets that started out as entertaining digs but quickly became too eager to drag Amber Rose, his former flame, into the mess. Apparently little has changed in the year since Kanye made that gross "30 showers" comment, an incident Rose has said inspired her advocacy against slut-shaming.

Worse, West went after Khalifa and Rose's two-year-old son. Rose's relationship with Khalifa, her time as a stripper and her son have nothing to do with this beef -- but here they are on West's timeline being used as dick-measuring ammunition at the expense of a small child and a woman who is no longer a part of his life.

To which Khalifa just said:

[Update: Some genius has edited Khalifa's Wikipedia page to show his date of death as today. Was it Meek???!]

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