Just in time for Cinco de Mayo tomorrow, Justin Timberlake is shilling his new tequila brand, Sauza 901, by dressing up as a nightmare-inducing lime. In this new, three-minute long ad, the singer appears as tough guy-talking Rick "Sour" Vane, a lime whose rapid rise on the social circuit is followed by a swift downfall once the tequila brand hits the scene -- it's supposedly so smooth you no longer need to suck down the citrus after taking a shot. As Mashable reports, Timberlake sold his own small liquor company, 901 (named for his Memphis hometown area code), to Sauza and, according to Fast Company, was the one who came up with the idea to turn himself into an anthropomorphic lime. So, in other words, thanks for ruining our dreams tonight, JT.
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