*A puka shell necklace takes a long drag from a cigarette* "PacSun? I haven't heard that name in years."

Despite the minor detail of filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy this April, PacSun, the white swan to Hot Topic's black swan, has teamed up with Justin Bieber on an exclusive capsule collection of Purpose Tour merchandise, which will be available in stores October 15th. The collection was designed by Fear of God's Jerry Lorenzo, who created the Bieb's look for the tour. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Lorenzo described the Thrasher-esque collection as "a fresh way to incorporate vintage Eighties and Nineties band tees into his onstage wardrobe."

Your move, Wet Seal.

Check out highlights from the collection below...

Splash image via Instagram

[h/t Fader]

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