If you've been following Justin Bieber's Instagram as closely as we have, you will have noticed that something is...happening. With all of the recent shout-outs to God and Taye Diggs, existential nature photos, affect-less selfies, the new face tattoo, and the barefoot squirrel-chasing through Boston Commons, you get the feeling that at this moment in time, Mad World is playing softly in the background everywhere he goes. In his latest missive to the world last night, Bieber artfully fused thirst trapping with concern trapping in a junk-grabbing underwear selfie meant to evoke Mark Wahlberg's iconic Calvin Klein campaign.

He's in a walk-in closet with a wine fridge, in a place he won't be staying for long. There are towels crumpled on the floor next to some Nike boxes, an expensive-looking motorcycle helmet, champagne flutes, a solitary pair of casual track pants hung with care by an assistant, and Justin Bieber. Alone. The caption says #mycalvins, his body says #mycalvins, but that look in his eyes...

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