Justin Bieber had one of the best nights of his life last night.

Want to know how I know?

The note was completed at 5:21 AM (Pacific standard time, no doubt).

Justin is fresh off a very pensive streak, with his fiercely "late night dorm room" Instagram on Monday, complaining about the "hollowness" of the Billboard Music Awards...

...and sentiment that fellow Canadian Alanis Morrissete praised him for.

Indeed, something IS happening to Justin, though.

Something compelled him to share that with us early this morning. An awakening? Maybe.

The sun would have been starting its climb out of the ocean horizon--that lavender, pre-dawn, glorious thinness to everything.

Justin probably looked out at the window as he typed these words, pausing a few times before nodding, and thinking, 'Yeah, yeah...that's good.'

He screen-shotted the note, and pulled up Instagram, about to send it out...

Indeed, it seemed like a good night.

Justin and some of his bros crowded around a camp fire...

...and hung their heads out of car windows (Oh, look, Martin Garrix), their tongues lagging, saliva drying in the whipping California winds.

He must have felt small, and anonymous, and wonderful.

Justin probably looked out again from his bedroom, the sun now hot, and blinding.

He thought about the night he'd just had...the red taillights falling away into the rolling California hills ahead of them; that sighing chorus of the highway.

photo via Justin's Instagram

He thought about it all, and hit "send" on his note.

"The best night," he whispered, before closing his blackout shades.

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