Justin Bieber's hugely successful (like it was a choice) Purpose World Tour is hoping to maximize that iiiiintake, with a some merch that'll undoubtedly make you want to hurl a milk glass at a concrete wall.

Team Bieber is selling $195 black T-shirts (sold through Barneys) with Marilyn Manson's face on the front, and "BIGGER THAN SATAN: BIEBER" on the back.

via Barneys


If you'll remember, Bieber and Manson (real name Brian Hugh Warner) paled around in LA back in May...

...perhaps they were going over royalties.

Some other items include:

$325 sweatpants

via Barneys

$1,625 bomber jacket...

#$1,250 chambray drawstring pants (VERY NECESSARY)

via Barneys

$325 "No Photos" hoodie (Ok, we get it)

via Barneys

..and the true golden calf, a $2,100 PLAID OVERCOAT.

via Barneys

Good luck to all the parents attending this concert with their kids!

To cleanse my palate, I'm going to watch this:

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